Vishwamitra India Pariwar - Har Kadam Vishwas Ke Saath. Vishwamitra India Pariwar - Har Kadam Vishwas Ke Saath  
With large number of beds and state-of-the-art infrastructure in India, the Vishwamitra India Group is going to start “Vishwamitra Hospitals Group”. This group will be one of the largest heathcare groups in Asia. The legacy of touching lives stems from the four pillars of our philosophy :—

• Experience
• Excellence
• Expertise
• Research

At Vishwamitra Hospital Group, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with centuries—old traditions of Eastern care and warmth, as we truly believe the world is our extended family—something our patients can warmly affirm.

Our Commitment :—
Healthcare services maintaining accountability in a responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and community, which we serve. To participate in the creation of healthier live within the community conforming to the requirements of our patients round the clock and constantly ensuring and striving to improve the outcomes of our care and services.

To create and sustain a work environment in which all participants are empowered and committed to continual quality improvements.

Confirming the values of participation, acknowledgement, accountability, teamwork, integrity and respect.

Creat the national model or care through relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality & value to the entire satisfaction of patient, customer and staff.

To carry on educational and research activities related to the provision of care to the sick and injured or related to the promotion of health and continually rethink, reshape and redefine solutions to health care challenges.

Be cherished as the best place to come for care and the best place to work.

Customer Driven Improvement :—
We continuously strive to improve processes and services to meet and exceed the expectations of internal and external customers.

Team Work :—
We work together shareing knowledge, talents and skills to achieve common goals. We promote a collaborative, win-win culture and recognize and celebrate the achievement of members, team and staff.

Diversity :—
We value differences among people. We believe that these cultural, social, professional and organizational differences add value to our cessions and direction as an organization.

Integrity :—
We act in harmony with our values, with honesty and respect for others at all times.

Professional Development :—
We value the enhancement of professionals in healthcare quality through education, certification, research and advocacy.

Hence, we believe investors would surely like to be a part of this esteemed organization. In future we are planning to develop the hospitals of this group as a Medical College Hospitals, that medical students could develop their knowledge, skills and research.
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